Smarter cybersecurity

Cyber security

Telecoms is a utility competing on price.

BlackDice cyber firmware significantly reduces churn, lowers operational costs, and increases revenue per subscriber.

We’re creating a safer environment online.

By securing devices and networks, BlackDice delivers innovative and predictive security for:

  • international telcos

  • router manufacturers

  • network service providers

cyber attack
parental control

Our agent based cyber firmware can be integrated with existing routers and gateway hardware in a matter of days.

BlackDice Products


  • patented technology and firewall tools

  • enable parents to restrict access to chosen sites and apps

Blackdice privacy

  • DNS firewall tools to isolate devices and identify individual vulnerabilities

  • AI intelligence response to threats in real time

blackdice prevent

  • integrate firmware into routers and gateway hardware

  • cross reference the data, patch and apply immediate solutions

Any device. Any network. Anywhere.